International Chemical Trade Easier With Compliance Assistance for Hazard Communication Standard by ICSDS.Com

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) is complex and simple at the same time. It is complex due to the extensively detailed nature of classification of chemical products into various hazard categories. It is simple in that it becomes easier for manufacturers to follow a uniformly accepted method of material safety data sheets and labels on packaging.

The problem arises when manufacturers need to export to various countries apart from complying with local regulatory bodies. Not all countries have fully implemented the UN developed GHS norms. Each country may also have its set of regulations in this regard. A manufacturer in the US must follow OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 2012. European Union has Regulation No. 1907/2006 and 1272/2008. Canada has in place its Hazardous Products Act. Australia follows the WHS regulation and the Work and Health and Safety Act. An American chemicals manufacturer may, with some effort put in effort to develop MSDS and labeling to comply with OSHA standards. However, if he exports to various countries, it becomes a monumental task to learn about regulations of each country and ensure compliance. Compounding the confusion is the fact that some chemicals that were previously not considered to be hazardous may now be classified as such. The resulting confusion is causing a delay in compliance beyond the specified date. This is where services of compliance to Hazard Communication Standard by for all countries prove to be of immense assistance for manufacturers.

ICSDS maintains a team of professionals well versed with all the labyrinthine intricacies of GHS and OSHA as relevant to USA. In addition, ICSDS professionals are thoroughly familiar and experts with local regulations of various countries where GHS has been fully or partly implemented. What could possibly be a time consuming task fraught with the risk of errors of commission or omission becomes a water-tight case with full compliance in each minor detail, with no question of any dispute or mis-judgment, to the complex requirement of OSHA that manages and implements GHS in the USA. ICSDS also helps them when they seek to export their products to any country in the world where GHS has been implemented by local regulatory bodies.

Manufacturers benefit in several ways when they delegate this task of GHS compliance to

  • Aaccurate and precise solutions tailored to each specific industry with precise classification and categorization, preparation of SDS and labeling without any errors.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable easily transform and migrate previous MSDS to new SDS format.
  • Fastest implementation, especially when it comes to compliances for overseas markets.
  • ICSDS expertise and experience helps manufacturers gain insights into choosing the best option should there be confusion as to which category to opt for.
  • Documentation apart, ICSDS professionals also assist with review and assessment of raw materials and processes as well as product composition.
  • Their expertise and knowledge is also available for regulatory consultation and guidelines for industries.
  • Translate SDS into any language.

ICSDS are more than GHS documentation experts; their knowledge helps industries in more ways than one to be competitive and fully compliant in challenging international markets.

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